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Autorize is committed to providing the consumer with the highest quality of automotive care products.  Our products are evironmentally safe and offers a finishing touch that exceeds the rest of the current and projected competition in automotive care.

Autorize the company



"Raising the Automotive Care Care Standard"


Established in September 2004...

Autorize LLC was conceptualized and founded, by Frank Billue; through the foresight and need to develop and market environmental and biodegradable products for maintaining and keeping your car beautiful. The focus of Autorize is to ensure that such products are of unparalled importance, and used for the 21st century and beyond. As such, Autorize is determined and destined to produce and market products superior to the competition. Furthermore, Autorize's aim is to deliver products in a timely and uncompromising manner meeting and exceeding market expectations and demands globally.

We introduce to you the all new “Tire Dresser and Rim Protector” and the "Tire Shine" tire and rubber dressing. Please stay tuned for the continually developing line of luxury car care products!